Saturday, April 05, 2014

spring time

And Spring arrived,with leaves, young green, hope and new energy, all to be swept away with a new wind and the renewed fight for daily and long-term life, a struggle of every moment against an onmipresent scourge. Just another cycle of life, another turn of the hamsterwheel in the cage, and the speed picked up while everything rushed to its end, or to an end, to be more precise, as all would go on as before, as ever, with or without the same human beings, chaff in the wind, specks of dust in the ongoing storm of life...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

why ?

Tell me, O great Lord, if you are responsible for all and everything, why did you give this beautiful three-year old boy an aggressive and advanced kidney cancer? You couldn't find someone not innocent? Someone who deserved it? Justice, fairness are not your considerations?
Well, I can only repeat what Camus already said, I will always reject a creation in which children are tortured, sacrificed, or mistreated. Amen!

Certainly not "yours",


Sunday, October 16, 2011

blame yourself, he says

Herman Cain says that if you are poor, you can only blame yourself. The man has not encountered discrimination? Doesh e really think all are equal in terms of access to education, to jobs, of hiring, of chances in life, in general? How insensitive, how untrue, how ridiculous!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

East and west/all is relative

I always thought of Cambodia as to the west (because of VietNam). But to the Thais, it is East. All these notions are relative, the Far East and the Far West are products of eurocentrism. To an Asian, the Far East could be Boston and the Far West Brittany, Morocco, Senegal, or Iceland.

No Xmas gift for the Police?

At a Halloween party last week, things got rowdy and the police was called to limit the noise. One of the organizers of the party got unruly with the police and was arrested. Since he was disguised as Santa Klaus, one can now wonder if the police will be getting anything for Christmas????

Monday, October 26, 2009

reality and fiction

Reality overtakes fiction (goes beyond it).

Fiction is corrected reality.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I don't get it...

I don't understand how some people can claim that health reform will end our world, open the door to socialism and communism, as soon as government is "in charge" of our health but they want to keep thigns 'as they are", with Medicare and Medicaid run by the government.... I don't want it but I want it, I want it but I don't want it. God bless us all!...

dreams again

For years, I did not dream, or maybe I did and never remembered anything. A side effect, or collateral damage, of acute insomnia, probably. Now that I dream again, I find fascinating this mix of real-life and fantasy, the mixing of people who have never met and never will, the mixing of their languages--as in my dreams some people express themselves in a language that is not theirs--, the entire new world that all people usually enjoy. Yes, dreams evaporate and dissipate quickly but I now have some memories of what they were, who was in them, the locale, etc. A whole new world...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Armstrong and the French

Why is it, you ask, that the French used to not like Armstrong, and now they seem to love him as he returns to the Tourde France?
Well, to begin with, when someone so completely dominates a sport, in this day and age, you are suspicious.
Then, of course, like us, when at 37 he becomes the underdog, they love him -- we do the same...
Plus by now, with age slowing him down, he may or may not make it to the very top (close, though), which adds an element of suspense,
and then of course, with time, the legend begins to set in. Might he not be the Greatest Cyclist ever?....
And, give it to him, it takes guts to requestion yourself and show up again ten years later, just to see how you do with all the young dudes.
And, so, now, they love him...